fun classy wedding photography

Fun Classy Wedding Photography

Fun Classy Wedding Photography

Fun Classy Wedding photography – A little about Jinjabird

Hello, I am Ben and welcome to Jinjabird Photography. A lot of people ask about the name. Well, it’s simple, my wife has ginger hair and we thought it sounded nice. I have been a full time wedding photographer since 2007 and in that time have had the privilege of photographing over 350 weddings. I have also run a successful portrait studio giving me a huge range of photographic experience – especially when it comes to putting people at ease and having them enjoy being photographed.

I currently live in North Bedfordshire and in-between weddings I travel a lot and enjoy life.

If you like my photos why don’t we meet either over Skype or in person? I can learn a bit about your wedding plans and you can see if I would be a good fit as your wedding photographer.

“have a good time all the time”

…and why not?

Fun Classy Wedding Photography

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